The building design that Architect Arts Soann arranged a Japanese building in a modern lifestyle is a first class authorized architect office designing. Kenji Nakahara of the architect who is president is the chief director of non profit organization "Yashironokiwami".  He spreads Japanese building culture to the world through building the tea-ceremony room which is accumulation of the Japanese traditional culture in foreign countries.

Architect Arts
by Kenji Nakahara



The Japanese Tea-ceremony room        "Seiseijaku-an"           in France

An introduction:
I carried materials from Japan and I was accompanied by a craftsman and built the tea-ceremony room which could be said to be the accumulation of the Japanese culture in the suburbs of France/Paris.
It usually took construction periods for three months, but I realized it in three weeks by performing an epoch-making panel unit and a new method of construction.

A panel unit became it and developed the new how to structure and planned shortening and low cost for term of works and erected a new tea-ceremony room in the Paris suburbs.
The tea-ceremony room individualizes existence in the quietness that cannot think to be France.
We carried the plaster / wood of Kochi, the reed of Lake Biwa-ko to the spot and ordered the reed of the minute that I ran out of from Germany.
The craftsmen whom I made a voyage to by Japan, and performed a great deed to build a tea-ceremony room in three weeks.
The gate which covered with a reed.

A framed picture ”惺々著庵”・・・A meaning to remind you of the true character consistently.
For Nijiriguchi. For kijinguchi.
The tatami mat which performs tea-serving manners
The floor where I provided the wall paper of the gold leaf for.
↓ Please touch the following.
Work to erect a tea-ceremony room.
The oblatory tea society of the opening of the tea-ceremony room.
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