The building design that Architect Arts Soann arranged a Japanese building in a modern lifestyle is a first class authorized architect office designing. Kenji Nakahara of the architect who is president is the chief director of non profit organization "Yashironokiwami".  He spreads Japanese building culture to the world through building the tea-ceremony room which is accumulation of the Japanese traditional culture in foreign countries.

Architect Arts
by Kenji Nakahara



The Japanese Tea-ceremony room        "Seiseijaku-an"           in France
By methods of construction such as a unit or a panel,
shortening and low cost are realized for building term of works.

A building process
July, 2000
I went to Umaji-mura of Kochi that was a production center of Yanasesugi, and I chose the use wood.
September, 2000
We performed temporary assembling in Japan and exposed it again and progressed to France.
November, 2000
I ask a French supplier for only foundation work.
On the basics, the craftmen put up the main body which became panels.
An assembly operation was pushed forward by a hand of the craftsmen whom I made a voyage to by Japan. They assemble the unit that they used Yanase cedar and the Tosa plaster of Kochi for.
I ordered the part of the ditch reed from Germany, but most materials progressed from Japan. With the reed of Lake Biwa-ko, the roof of the house with a reed-thatched roof is made.
General people participate as a volunteer from Japan.
They help work to make approach to lead from the gate to the tea-ceremony room.
The tea-ceremony room which was completed which I watched from the mountain behind.

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Japanese tea-ceremony room.
The oblatory tea society of the opening of the tea-ceremony room.
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