The building design that Architect Arts Soann arranged a Japanese building in a modern lifestyle is a first class authorized architect office designing. Kenji Nakahara of the architect who is president is the chief director of non profit organization "Yashironokiwami".  He spreads Japanese building culture to the world through building the tea-ceremony room which is accumulation of the Japanese traditional culture in foreign countries.
The Japanese Tea-ceremony room        "Seiseijaku-an"           in France

Oblatory tea and the tea party of the tea-ceremony room
opening were performed in France.
On April 28th 2001,
Sen Soshu, the master of the Mushanokoji Senke School of the tea ceremony
in Kyoto, opened the building with a tea ceremony.
The Mushanokoji Senke is one of the three major tea ceremony head masters
of a schools Japanese
The scenery of the tea party preparations in Shaolin Europe total bureau sites. Opening ceremony.
The tea-serving manners tool of the oblatory tea to the Bodhidharma image. Tea-serving manners of oblatory tea by Munemori head masters Sensoshu of a school of the Mushakouji Senke Kankyuan.
Oblatory tea is carried to the tea-ceremony room.

Oblatory tea is carried.
A Buddhist priest gives to Bodhidharma of the tea-ceremony room floor it. Invited guests guided to the tea-ceremony room. Mayor of Marly-Le-Roi, the Paris deputy mayor, Japan Ambassador and a minister.
Invited guests gone to the tea-ceremony room In tea-ceremony room this side tatami mat.
Madam So of the President Shaolin. Mr. and Mrs. Governor of Hashimoto, Kochi. Designer Junko Shimada etc., Japanese people of a living-in-France.
Greetings by the sponsor- Mr.Aosaka. In front of tea-ceremony room,
it is made a seeing off.

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Japanese tea-ceremony room.
Work to erect a tea-ceremony room.
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